Getting Paid to be Green

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I recently read a article at about how Canadians seem to be leading in the global switch to more water conserving yards. I noticed in in my own neighbourhood, people tearing up their green lawns. Some switch to rock gardens but for the most part they are replacing their grass with more water conserving vegetation.

I always though it a bit un-natural to be living in the desert with a bright green lawn. Well in the news, the city of Oviedo, Florida is giving homeowners $1000 to replace their green lawns for more water conserving shrubs. The city hopes that their attempts at changing the way people use water will help prevent a drought.

If you live in Oviedo this will come as great news, but for the majority of us who don’t switching your lawns is still a smart move as it will save you water and money.

Source: Got2BeGreen

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More Beef Recalled in Eastern United States

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Cargill Meat Solutions is recalling more than 1 million pounds of ground beef they suspect to be contaminated with the E. coli bacteria. The beef essentially effects anyone who purchased ground beef from major stores like Giant, Shop Rite, Stop & Shop, Wegmans and Weis, during the October 8 and October 11 time frame.

This is the second recall in a month from the privately owned multi-billion dollar company based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Another meat recall just occurred in September from Topps Meat Company and was listed as the fifth largest recall in United States history.

Incidents like these seem to be occurring throughout Canada and the United States lately. From the environmentalist perspective, meat products produce more CO2 emissions than foods of the other food groups. In fact, the facilities and space used for animal husbandry are a significant environmental hazard. In places like Brazil, rain forested land are clear cut to facilitate the more profitable cattle industry. For these reasons, most conservationists are recommending that people consume less meat.

List of Recalled Items


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Shopping Green Online

buygreenWhen you go to the mall chances are you will buy something that was made by children, unfairly paid, or traveled long distances to get to your shopping bag. If this concerns you than consider a neat alternative, shopping Green Online.

Doing your groceries or buying the essentials online has become increasingly more popular. With the innovation of e-commerce, buying green has never been easier. A site called will take all of the guessing out of your green conscience. Everything they sell is approved and certified buy passing their rigorous environment friendly tests. They are great for commercial accounts as well.

Check out the site here.

Source: EcoGeek

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The Smart Shower


I admit, I leave the shower running until the hot water kicks in before I step foot in the shower. It’s a bad habit and unfortunately a common one. millions of gallons worth of water is wasted on preheating showers or baths. Wasting water is a significant problem because the water that comes into our homes is treated, and treated water requires energy from factories to purify.

Some inventors have figured out a way to restrict the water-flow until a specified temperature has been achieved. This handy little device will cost you $45, however a much more economical solution is to just attach a simple switch above the shower-head to restrict the flow until ready to let it loose.


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Take The Nature Challenge: David Suzuki

suzukiCanadian environmentalist David Suzuki is one of the world best know conservationist of our time. He operates the David Suzuki Foundation who’s goal it is to make our world a little bit greener.

He has what he calls the Nature Challenge. Essentially a online pledge to commit to changing 10 habits we all have. Suzuki believes that by adhering to these changes we will curb the effects of global warming.

1. Reduce home energy use by 10%
Tip: You can reduce water use by 20 to 40% by installing low flow showerheads and faucets in your home.

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Get Your Family Involved With Greenpeace

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Greenpeace has been an important environment protection agency, protecting whales and just bringing attention to the environmental hazards we are doing to pollute our earth.
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This video montage shows the many things Greenpeace activists get involved with. More importantly, Greenpeace has ways to get children involved. Visit their website to see how you and your family can make a difference.

For more information on Greenpeace.


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Saving Water With Every Flush

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Saving water is an important part of saving energy. The water we consume in our homes needs to be purified. This means that reducing the amount of water we use will subsequently reduce the amount of energy needed.

Here is a great way to simply and cheaply reduce the amount of water used by your toilet.

Source: Got2BeGreen

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New Game ‘SimCity Society,’ Creates an Eco-Challenge


The popular Sim games series are coming out with a new version called ‘SimCity Society.’ The new twist is that not only will you have the challenge of building up from scratch your own city, you will also have to take environmental factors into account. That means that the more cheap but polluting infrostucture you build will directly affect the overall health of your towns people.

SimCity is a great game for people of all ages. it teaches the fundametals of running and building a city; budgeting, critical decision making, and now environmental concerns.

Source: EcoGeek

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More Toys Found With High Traces of Lead

curious georgeMore childrens toys have been found to have ten times the allowed levels of lead in its paint. The lead can cause poisening espectially for small children who are prone to chew on plastic toys. If the paint is injested after being scraped off, lead can enter the childs blood stream which could lead to permanent brain damage.

Curious George dolls and lunch boxes have been recalled by Marvel Comics, however there are suspected to be many more toys that pose a potential risk. If you are concerned about the safety of your childrens toy visit their manufacturers websites for recall notices. If its there be sure to return the toy, or dispose it properly. Do not donate them! You can tell if a toy posses a risk if you can see the paint flaking off of the toy. The paint would normally have to be tested first, but why take that chance.

If you have toys that were made in China and that are flaking return it. Companies need to be held responsible for their inadequate manufacturing procedures and the only way to do that is to hold them at least liable for the toys return.

Read the article “Lead found in toys, backpacks in U.S. stores” at (Environmental News Network) for more info.


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Renovating Your Bathroom?

Bathroom renovations are really popular and, lately, I know that several of my friends have undertaken the major task simply to become more environmentally friendly. One wanted to upgrade to a better toilet and the other was looking for eco-friendly options for installing heated floor tiles.

toto toiletMy first suggestion was the Toto Eco Supreme Toilet with SoftClose seat.

This elegant low profile one piece toilet is kind to water consumption since it uses only 1.28 gallons per flush.

The toilets come in different styles and sizes but many are well below 2 gallons per flush. To find out more about this toilet and the others Toto has to offer, as well as how you can find a dealer, visit their website:

For my other friend, I suggested she go with a Nuheat warm floor heating nuheatsystem. The website explains how it works:

Our electric floor heating system utilizes an in floor heating mat to evenly distribute the under floor heat. Our electric floor heating system can deliver under floor heat for any room regardless of shape or size. Nuheat offers both standard size in floor heating mats (square and rectangular shaped) and custom-shaped in floor heating mats to meet any in floor heating requirements.


It uses a special thermostat to control the heat which makes it energy efficient. To learn more about how this works, click here!

Someday, I hope to make all of the modifications I can to make my home as energy efficient as possible. In the meantime, I’m having fun browsing all of these sites and collecting information!

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