Turn Your Whole House Off!

Yes, you read that correctly – turn your whole house off. We went on a road trip last week and one of the last things we did was unplug everything from the wall to avoid using extra energy. It’s amazing but leaving that toaster in when you aren’t using it does drain energy. It wasn’t a big deal but it would have been nice to turn everything off in one easy click…

whole house switch

Guess what? It’s totally possible to do now! Have you heard of the Whole House Switch? This incredible little gadget does it all for you. Read this:

Here’s a simple concept that belies a much more complicated system underneath (if, in fact, this is more than just a design concept at this point). The Whole House Switch by designer Jack Godfrey Wood is used to turn off all non-essential power in a house from one central location.

Of course, it’s not as simple as turning off all power coming into the house. Almost every home has some loads that they want to keep constantly connected, whether those are small, such as clocks, or larger ones like a refrigerator. The household heating and ventilation system also needs to remain powered in order to function. Even though it appears as just a single button, this switch needs to be connected to equipment to turn off each circuit in the house, except for those which are reserved for constant power. Specially designated “safe” plugs throughout the house could also be used for devices that would not be disconnected when the off button was pushed.

At present, this appears to be a purely conceptual design, but a real implementation of this could be an easy way for some people to use their homes with far greater energy efficiency.

Wow!!! This is such a great idea. I know that I will definitely be looking in to it – will you?

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