Green Cooking – Wow!


The Home Shopping Network is selling these amazing (absolutely amazing!!!) pans that are more environmentally (and physically) friendly.

Jessica from the Alternative Consumer blog says it’s “the first cookware to use Thermolon non-stick coating, the new GreenPan line is ceramic based and doesn’t contain any PTFE – the chemical found in traditional degradable coating, or eco-hazzard chemical PFOA. Designed to be the last cookware you buy, this six-piece set doesn’t wear over time and the super non-stick release works up to a sizzling 850 degrees.

Bonus: Throw anything in, and skip the oil. Because nothing sticks, you’ll be cooking up healthier meals minus the once-necessary butters, fats or oils.”

The 6-piece set is supposed to be available on the Home Shopping Network now for $99.90 but it looks like they are sold old and are expected to have more later this month. I’m hoping because I will be one of the first to buy it!


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