Reducing Your Trash

trashThe average American family (mom, dad, 1.5 children) produces two to three bags of garbage per week. That means that every family will donate 96 to 144 bags of garbage to the landfill every year. Take the challenge in reducing your garbage to just one bag or less by following just three steps. Impossible? Here’s how to do it.

  1. Recycle; Whatever your community will take give it to them; paper, cans, milk containers, glass, etc…
  2. Consume; Watch what you are consuming. Avoid plastic containers as if they were the plague. Other materials will eventually decompose but plastic will be around forever.
  3. Composte; You would be surprised at how much of your garbage is organic waste that can be composted. Save the garbage handlers their time and the gas they will spend on trucks to have your organic waste thrown away.

I promise that these following rules will reduce your garbage significantly.

For more information about reducing garbage visit the Recycle Guide

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