All-Natural, Home Made Cleaners

house cleanersWe have as a society become dependant on brand-name household cleaners. Commercials tell us that nothing cleans as well or gets cloths as white than their products. Not only do most of these cleaners use harmful chemicals, their factories, their use of plastic bottles, and their transportation all contribute to CO2 emissions. Do we really need a single cleaning product for each and every specific cleaning job? It’s a billion-dollar industry that doesn’t want you to know the truth. The truth being that there is a way to clean your house just as effectively, using all-natural solutions.

Mark from put together a list of cleaning tasks and how to make your own cleaners specific for those jobs.

It may take some getting used to (mostly our own indoctrination) so try replacing one cleaning task at a time to ease into becoming an all-natural cleaning household.


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