Comedy Central’s “Address the Mess”


Comedy Central has gone green! Visit their new site, Address the Mess, to learn about more ways to conserve energy and save the planet.

Comedy Central is poised to step up and Address the Mess. The network’s new pro-social campaign is committed to showing viewers easy ways to reduce waste, improve their lives and help revive the planet. Address the Mess launches on August 13 via a national Public Service Announcement (PSA) campaign designed to introduce the initiative and prompt a call-to-action to visit, an engaging, interactive and educational website that will inform visitors on a variety of environmental issues. will also offer links to partner sites such as the Natural Resources Defense Council, Earth 911 and GreenDimes that offer specific information on what people can do and how they can effect change by providing real, tactical ways to take action.

The site also offers clips from their shows like South Park or The Colbert Report, that involved environmental issues. The site is just a fun way to get involved and have a laugh at the same time, enjoy.

Address the Mess