Recycling Communities

Do you have stuff you wish you could just get rid of but don’t want to throw them away. Perhaps you just got that new plasma TV you’ve been dreaming about getting and now that you have it you’re thinking what’ll I to do with the old one? Well there are people out there who would love to take that stuff away, you just need to find them.

On-line recycling commuFreecyclenities have made trading and recycling used stuff easy. All you have to do is register and give stuff away. Giving stuff away ensure that you don’t accumulate too many things (packrat), it allows less financially able families to have things, and it produces good karma. “What goes around comes back around.”

socialwaylogoThe more established community is Freecycle, who operate communities throughout the US, Canada, and Europe. SocialWay is newly developed but promises to be a great place to easily recycle your things.

Social Way


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