Another Reason To Shop With Reusable Bags

plastic pollutionIts seems that saving the environment from those pesty plastic bags is not the only reason to ban them. The litter was bad enough, the fact that they never will decompose is another, however, here’s another one to add. They make more economic sense for grocers as they are cheaper for them to use. Some stores have even begun charging for the use of their disposable plastic bags.

Well that would have all been reason enough for me. For fun let’s add to it the fact that most stores offer a 3¢ refund for each reusable bag you bring in. Today I was asked if I wanted to donate those pennies to a local charity. Could you imagine the impact a few pennies from each customer everyday could accomplish? That could amount to quite a few bucks! So there you go, bring in your own bags and have the grocer donate their savings to charity. You loose nothing and gain the sense that you are helping save the environment as well as giving to a local charity.


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