Building an Environmentally Friendly Home

Straw Built LibraryYou might believe that building a house in a new suburb would be best for your family, but it isn’t for the environment. Building developments are a leading contributer of CO2 emissions. Ultimately, not good for your children. Building a community requires lots of landscaping, road construction, sewer systems, water pipes, gas lines, phone/cable lines, etc… But what’s worse is that these new homes are mass produced and are not quality oriented. Building a new home within an established neighbourhood ensures that you have everything you need in close vicinity (less driving needed).

If you are building a house consider some new methods that are energy efficient and use environmentally friendly materials.

1. One method uses straw bails as the main wall structure. They are inexpensive to build and are highly insulating.

2. Another idea is to build a log house, they can be built quickly and are all natural.

3. Lastly a method called Rammed-earth is a little expensive but it uses the materials right from under your feet, soil. It uses soil mixed with a little concrete and compacts it to form the wall structures.

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Log Homes
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