Eating Green

organic foodNo I don’t mean salads. Eating Green means eating foods that are produced in such a way that they have little to no environmental impact. Take farming for example; organic farms produce locally so there is no need for long shipping costs. Eating organic comes with a pricetag though, so here’s the trick.

Shop at your local grocier as you normally would but when given the choice between an apple made locally with an apple from Chile choose the locally grown one. Chances are the apple from Chile was picked when it was ripe so that it would “look” fresh by the time it got to your fridge. Put your produce in the fridge. Your food will stay fresher longer and they won’t loose their nutritional value. Divide you food in snack containers so you can easily grab one to snack on.

Also, eating green means reducing your meat intake. Raising animals that will end up on your plate require lots of grains that would have been better spent making bread. Meat products are important for our diets but chances are you’re eating more than your fair share. Plus, it causes obesity. Too much of anything good is bad.

Having a healthy nutritious diet doesn’t have to be expensive, it just requires training the way we think about food.


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