Wind Energy Being Harnessed In Cities?


When you think windmills you picture these large, bulky propellers sitting on a long poll in a farmstead. Wind power is becoming more and more popular among suburban/urban dwellers as an alternative to solar power. Solar energy is great and they are becoming more affordable, however, they are still expensive and they only provide some of your household electricity needs.

Wind power can produce more electricity, averaging an amazing 90% of your household needs. They are expensive as well, but they require land to build them on. Mounting them on the roof of a house is possible but will cause some audible annoyances inside. So, in the past windmills have been reserved for country-people.

Well the tables have now been turned and one can have wind power to generate a suburban/urban home. Check out the new Skystream Residential Windmill and get your family home green.

Source: Southwest Windpower, Inhabitat


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