More Toys Found With High Traces of Lead

curious georgeMore childrens toys have been found to have ten times the allowed levels of lead in its paint. The lead can cause poisening espectially for small children who are prone to chew on plastic toys. If the paint is injested after being scraped off, lead can enter the childs blood stream which could lead to permanent brain damage.

Curious George dolls and lunch boxes have been recalled by Marvel Comics, however there are suspected to be many more toys that pose a potential risk. If you are concerned about the safety of your childrens toy visit their manufacturers websites for recall notices. If its there be sure to return the toy, or dispose it properly. Do not donate them! You can tell if a toy posses a risk if you can see the paint flaking off of the toy. The paint would normally have to be tested first, but why take that chance.

If you have toys that were made in China and that are flaking return it. Companies need to be held responsible for their inadequate manufacturing procedures and the only way to do that is to hold them at least liable for the toys return.

Read the article “Lead found in toys, backpacks in U.S. stores” at (Environmental News Network) for more info.


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