Getting Paid to be Green

lawn grass rock

I recently read a article at about how Canadians seem to be leading in the global switch to more water conserving yards. I noticed in in my own neighbourhood, people tearing up their green lawns. Some switch to rock gardens but for the most part they are replacing their grass with more water conserving vegetation.

I always though it a bit un-natural to be living in the desert with a bright green lawn. Well in the news, the city of Oviedo, Florida is giving homeowners $1000 to replace their green lawns for more water conserving shrubs. The city hopes that their attempts at changing the way people use water will help prevent a drought.

If you live in Oviedo this will come as great news, but for the majority of us who don’t switching your lawns is still a smart move as it will save you water and money.

Source: Got2BeGreen

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