Eating Green

organic foodNo I don’t mean salads. Eating Green means eating foods that are produced in such a way that they have little to no environmental impact. Take farming for example; organic farms produce locally so there is no need for long shipping costs. Eating organic comes with a pricetag though, so here’s the trick.

Shop at your local grocier as you normally would but when given the choice between an apple made locally with an apple from Chile choose the locally grown one. Chances are the apple from Chile was picked when it was ripe so that it would “look” fresh by the time it got to your fridge. Put your produce in the fridge. Your food will stay fresher longer and they won’t loose their nutritional value. Divide you food in snack containers so you can easily grab one to snack on.

Also, eating green means reducing your meat intake. Raising animals that will end up on your plate require lots of grains that would have been better spent making bread. Meat products are important for our diets but chances are you’re eating more than your fair share. Plus, it causes obesity. Too much of anything good is bad.

Having a healthy nutritious diet doesn’t have to be expensive, it just requires training the way we think about food.


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Affordable Green Renovations

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]Okay you want to go green and renovate your home to be more energy efficient but you clench at the cost. Retrofitting your home can be very expensive. Ya it will save you $ on heating bills but you just can’t justify spending that much money all at once.

If you want to retrofit your home call in the professionals. You want to hire general contractors who are trully environmentalists.

The video will demonstrate some cost-effective ways to retrofit your home.

Building an Environmentally Friendly Home

Straw Built LibraryYou might believe that building a house in a new suburb would be best for your family, but it isn’t for the environment. Building developments are a leading contributer of CO2 emissions. Ultimately, not good for your children. Building a community requires lots of landscaping, road construction, sewer systems, water pipes, gas lines, phone/cable lines, etc… But what’s worse is that these new homes are mass produced and are not quality oriented. Building a new home within an established neighbourhood ensures that you have everything you need in close vicinity (less driving needed).

If you are building a house consider some new methods that are energy efficient and use environmentally friendly materials.

1. One method uses straw bails as the main wall structure. They are inexpensive to build and are highly insulating.

2. Another idea is to build a log house, they can be built quickly and are all natural.

3. Lastly a method called Rammed-earth is a little expensive but it uses the materials right from under your feet, soil. It uses soil mixed with a little concrete and compacts it to form the wall structures.

If you are interested in the newest green home technology visit

Straw Homes
Log Homes
Rammed Earth Homes


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Another Reason To Shop With Reusable Bags

plastic pollutionIts seems that saving the environment from those pesty plastic bags is not the only reason to ban them. The litter was bad enough, the fact that they never will decompose is another, however, here’s another one to add. They make more economic sense for grocers as they are cheaper for them to use. Some stores have even begun charging for the use of their disposable plastic bags.

Well that would have all been reason enough for me. For fun let’s add to it the fact that most stores offer a 3¢ refund for each reusable bag you bring in. Today I was asked if I wanted to donate those pennies to a local charity. Could you imagine the impact a few pennies from each customer everyday could accomplish? That could amount to quite a few bucks! So there you go, bring in your own bags and have the grocer donate their savings to charity. You loose nothing and gain the sense that you are helping save the environment as well as giving to a local charity.


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Nigel’s Online Eco-Store

Nigel's Eco StoreEver wish there was a super eco-store you could shop at? I mean I can barely find a florescent light bulb, never mind suitable lamps to put them in.

The closest thing I’ve seen to a solar panel in the stores are those tiny ones they put in calculators. Being green isn’t easy, I know. How do we know that the furniture you just bought wasn’t made from Rain forest wood?

One guy decided it was about time to create a venue where people could get their eco-friendly products. The best part about this e-business is that they guarantee total satisfaction. Nigel’s Eco-Store has a vast inventory of merchandise that range from power saving surge-protectors with timers to a computer mouse made out of bamboo. I even saw a pocket-calculator and table clock powered by water (your guess is as good as mine).

“Hi, I’m Nigel, welcome to my eco store, here you’ll find environmentally friendly products for sustainable living, including recycled products, organic products, green products, and eco friendly products and gifts.

If you’re looking for environmentally friendly products and eco friendly gifts you’ll love our practical, functional, and desirable range, chosen from the best recycled, organic, green and eco friendly products around – you can find what you’re after by using the left hand menu, and if you need any help, call me on 0800 288 8970.”

If you are serious about making eco-friendly lifestyle changes take a look at Nigel’s Eco-Store inventory. Who knows, maybe in the future they’ll create that eco-superstore for you down the street, but in the meantime we have Nigel.

Source: Nigel’s Eco-Store


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Comedy Central’s “Address the Mess”


Comedy Central has gone green! Visit their new site, Address the Mess, to learn about more ways to conserve energy and save the planet.

Comedy Central is poised to step up and Address the Mess. The network’s new pro-social campaign is committed to showing viewers easy ways to reduce waste, improve their lives and help revive the planet. Address the Mess launches on August 13 via a national Public Service Announcement (PSA) campaign designed to introduce the initiative and prompt a call-to-action to visit, an engaging, interactive and educational website that will inform visitors on a variety of environmental issues. will also offer links to partner sites such as the Natural Resources Defense Council, Earth 911 and GreenDimes that offer specific information on what people can do and how they can effect change by providing real, tactical ways to take action.

The site also offers clips from their shows like South Park or The Colbert Report, that involved environmental issues. The site is just a fun way to get involved and have a laugh at the same time, enjoy.

Address the Mess

Recycling Communities

Do you have stuff you wish you could just get rid of but don’t want to throw them away. Perhaps you just got that new plasma TV you’ve been dreaming about getting and now that you have it you’re thinking what’ll I to do with the old one? Well there are people out there who would love to take that stuff away, you just need to find them.

On-line recycling commuFreecyclenities have made trading and recycling used stuff easy. All you have to do is register and give stuff away. Giving stuff away ensure that you don’t accumulate too many things (packrat), it allows less financially able families to have things, and it produces good karma. “What goes around comes back around.”

socialwaylogoThe more established community is Freecycle, who operate communities throughout the US, Canada, and Europe. SocialWay is newly developed but promises to be a great place to easily recycle your things.

Social Way


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All-Natural, Home Made Cleaners

house cleanersWe have as a society become dependant on brand-name household cleaners. Commercials tell us that nothing cleans as well or gets cloths as white than their products. Not only do most of these cleaners use harmful chemicals, their factories, their use of plastic bottles, and their transportation all contribute to CO2 emissions. Do we really need a single cleaning product for each and every specific cleaning job? It’s a billion-dollar industry that doesn’t want you to know the truth. The truth being that there is a way to clean your house just as effectively, using all-natural solutions.

Mark from put together a list of cleaning tasks and how to make your own cleaners specific for those jobs.

It may take some getting used to (mostly our own indoctrination) so try replacing one cleaning task at a time to ease into becoming an all-natural cleaning household.


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Reducing Your Trash

trashThe average American family (mom, dad, 1.5 children) produces two to three bags of garbage per week. That means that every family will donate 96 to 144 bags of garbage to the landfill every year. Take the challenge in reducing your garbage to just one bag or less by following just three steps. Impossible? Here’s how to do it.

  1. Recycle; Whatever your community will take give it to them; paper, cans, milk containers, glass, etc…
  2. Consume; Watch what you are consuming. Avoid plastic containers as if they were the plague. Other materials will eventually decompose but plastic will be around forever.
  3. Composte; You would be surprised at how much of your garbage is organic waste that can be composted. Save the garbage handlers their time and the gas they will spend on trucks to have your organic waste thrown away.

I promise that these following rules will reduce your garbage significantly.

For more information about reducing garbage visit the Recycle Guide

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Planet Green Game

Planet Green GameHere’s a fun way to spend time as a family and learn a few things about being more environmentally friendly.

Your mission? To explore the town of Evergreen looking for ways to reduce CO2 emissions and reduce the impact of global warming. Along the way, you’ll visit key destinations, each of which presents its own specific challenge. Completing each challenge earns you points that help boost your score.

The game is a great tool to help teach the importance of making green lifestyle changes and the impact they will have on the environment. Enjoy!

Play the Game


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